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Removing bees from wall
Removing Beehive from Wall
Bee removal from under shed
Jon the Beekeeper
Bee removal from roof
Removing Bees From Ceiling

         Jon started keeping bees in 2015; he grew to appreciate them and learned how bees operated. With that knowledge and appreciation for bees, he noticed a need for no-kill bee removal. The Phoenix Valley has many pest control companies that will exterminate bees, but they do not have enough actual knowledge of bees to remove and relocate properly. A great deal of expertise is required to relocate bees – making extermination easier. With bees in decline, he began saving the bees one removal at a time. Now, after relocating thousands of beehives over the years, he has perfected his craft in bee removal. If you have bees the need to “bee” gone – give Jon, the beekeeper, and bee removal expert, a call today!  

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